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Book: Modern Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 2

The second volume of Modern Jazz Vocabulary is finally done.  I made some changes in the books format based on a lot of the feedback I got from people about vol. 1.  This book is bigger in size but should still fit in a sax or guitar case, about 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches and is spiral bound so it will stay open on your stand better.  There are 288 II-V-I melodies in the book and all the lines are different in every key so you could put them through all the keys and have a ton of material to work on.

Modern Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 2
Is an in depth study of the classic II-V-I progression found commonly in jazz improvisation.

The nearly 300 melodic examples incorporate rhythmic groupings, triad pairs, enclosures, chromatics, synthetic scales, chord substitutions and more.


“In this second volume of Modern Jazz Vocabulary, Matt Otto presents a wide
range of how to play over the
II-V-I progression. …A very direct and clear approach utilizing
vocabulary from several different eras of jazz, as well as accentuating the
importance of presenting examples from seemingly simple to more complex.”

~Steve Cardenas
Guitarist with:
Charlie Haden, Norah Jones, Paul Motian,
Joey Baron, Mark Johnson, John Patitucci, Ben Allison.

” A thoughtful and refreshing revisit to the II-V-I. Matt Otto has an eclectic personal style and he has added his creative sensibilities to an often cliched topic. I can definitely use his book for myself and my students”

~Bob Sheppard
Saxophonist with:
Freddie Hubbard, Steely Dan, Chick Corea, Sting,James Taylor, Nat Adderly, Joni Michell, Horace Silver.
Billy Childs, Lyle Mays, Natalie Cole, Mike Stern, Al Foster.